50 Things to enjoy about GUYANA



  2. Events NOT planned by Minister Nicolette Henry

  3. Hiding from Jehovah’s Witnesses


  4. Sooba pronouncing proclivity

  5. Touts bullying you to travel in their minibus

  6. Post girl’s envelope during the Holidays

    Green Yellow

  7. Green and yellow

  8. The overnight increase in the Muslim population to collect Zakat on Fridays

  9. GT&T’s “lightning fast” service


  10. World’s First Black Pentecostal Pope

  11. Buse down in Parliament

  12. CN Sharma’s Voice of the People Tv programme

  13. Youths soliciting funds for filling the same street hole for 10 months


  14. Cyrus (yo) and Serena (duhh)

  15. Peeping your neighbor when they get barrel

  16. The fact that everybody with a camera phone is a photographer

  17. Free Seven curry

  18. PPP accusing the Government of corruption

    Charmaine Blackman

  19. Charmaine Blackman’s music career

  20. A $300 Compton cook-up

  21. Jamaican DJs who never left the shores of Guyana

  22. St. George’s Cathedral – a place of worship and a place of employment

  23. Banks’ 50 year old rum that could realistically buy a house AND a car

  24. Chow Pow’s determination to be a comedian

  25. Gordon Moseley and his 100,000+ followers


  26. A dutty chiney

  27. The prices at China Trading

  28. Driving Prado while you owe UG

    Thin slice

  29. Thin slice’s rise to fame

  30. Dog food business

  31. GECOM’s announcement of Elections results

  32. Surujbally’s sarcasm


  33. Rohee’s weekly press conference

  34. Turnover rate of Qualfon’s employees

  35. Watching Coolie people try to whine

  36. Ruel Johnson and Frank Anthony’s relationship

  37. GPL’s power saving mode

    Stabroek market

  38. The skills of Stabroek Market’s make-up artist

  39. An empty zoo

  40. Stretch out magazine

  41. Bush tea

  42. Taxes left, right and centre

  43. Two bus load Berbicians crying at CJIA cause a relative going New York for a week

    Kaieteur news

  44. Kaieteur News’ front page

  45. The rich kids of Guyana fan page

  46. Not J’ouvert

  47. Roads in Sophia

  48. City Hall’s drama

    The reactors

  49. The Reactors & their buss jokes

  50. Coffee & biscuit at wake house

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